Discussion: deep dreaming of a white Christmas

Some Christmas challenges:

  • Train a recurrent network on tweets, at the word level, then apply it to Charles Dickens. Splice emoji into Dickens.
  • Invent a hybrid character-and-word RNN. There can be character-based units, plus short-circuit links between words (inspired by Residual Network). This might help address the challenge of what to do if the vocabulary is very different between Dickens and twitter.
  • Could we recompose Dickens into tweets? This sounds like a translation task, but we don’t have a bilingual dataset. Maybe there are word or sentence embeddings, that can simply be transposed?

Some datasets:

Figuring out how to use TensorFlow:

In a reading group early next term, let’s have a show-and-tell, and a discussion of TensorFlow and PyTorch. Also, there’s a Slack channel for any discussion over the holidays.

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